Cloud Services

Step on the cloud platform and experience ubiquitous access, speed and security across all your devices and platforms.

Organizations have realized the benefits of cloud computing like scalability, cost efficient and highly responsive. IT Business process has been alteredwith the cloud computing phenomenon had a remarkable impact on the way IT solutions are delivered.

Cloud helps organizations to run more efficiently as well as results in a better IT solution with enhanced approach towards business needs.

Cloud computing has tremendous number of benefits because of which it has changed the whole IT infrastructure.


It is free from the compulsion of hardware compatibility like processors, working platforms and storage.


With use of cloud services you can easily change paths without disturbing financial issues.


Billing is created according to the usage duration that may depend on the contract business. It is based on the pay per use phenomenon.


People living around the world can access the cloud easily.


It is scalable both from the user's end as well as the provider's end.


Large money value is saved from the hardware requirements, softwares and the licensing fees required.

Our Assets

» Our expertise in managing cloud services.
» We establish the appropriate type of cloud service according to your business need.
» Managing and enhancing the overall strategy of the IT solution.
» We fully emphasize on the client's growth.
» We provide all services that includes installing, transfer and managing the overall cloud environment.

At Eighteen Pixels we deliver end to end cloud services so as to transform and enhance the IT solutions delivered, we properly monitor your business needs then we deploy the precise technology for it, at last we arrange the cloud computing peripherals so as to present you with cost efficient, scalable, improved dexterity and a quickly delivered output.

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