E-Governance Solutions

Effective e-governance and m-governance with G2C, C2G, G2G, G2B, B2G and G2N solutions.

E-Governance is the new face of effective governance that makes use of information technology to provide citizen services. E-Governance is a whole new revolution for governments and governing bodies that has emerged as a precursor to the technologically advanced governance. It involves serving of citizens with almost each and every service via technical mediums without running up to the government. Simple record management, communication methodology and track-ability are other features that make it something one can rely on. E-Governance solutions are known for making life and government involved processes easier by technological methods applied to services being provided to the common citizen. Eighteen Pixels is helping government by providing E-Governance solutions in Lucknow.

Facilitating the outgrowth of effective e-governance and m-governance through our comprehensive solutions for:

1.Government to Citizens
2.Citizens to Government
3.Government to Government
4.Government to Business
5.Business to Government
6.Government to Nation


»e-Agriculture & Ecology
»e-Entertainment & Games
»e-Business & Financial Inclusion
»e-Community Broadcasting

»e-Culture & Tourism
»e-Inclusion & Accessibility
»e-Science & Technology
»e-News & Journalism

»e-Women & Empowerment
»e-Education & Learning

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