Engagement Models

Multiple engagement models to meet the diverse needs of clients

18pixels offers multiple engagement models to meet the diverse needs of clients across the globe. These engagement models are:

Project based or fixed price

  • This engagement model is best for low risk project or we can say a less complex project.
  • It is most suitable when project requirements are clear with its scope and specifications clearly mentioned.
  • This model ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to be delivered on time and in budget.

Effort based or time and material

  • Project cost depends on the total project execution time and the corresponding resources used during deploying.
  • This model proves to be best for complex projects when the design can change in the mid of the designing.
  • This model provides customers large flexibility as they can modify their project according to the changing marketing needs.

Dedicated development facility

  • Best team, infrastructure flexibilities, work flexibility and time to time modification according to the market need is provided in the project.
  • We adhere to the norms of protecting Intellectual Property Rights of the customer.
  • It is best suited for clients requiring support on a long term basis.


  • It is best for remote and long-lasting projects that have to be outsourced for the first time.
  • It justifies payment on acquiring the needed milestone.

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