Java Development

An open source Plateform to develop Application

An object-oriented, distributed and cross platform framework deploying robust and secure E-business applications, we deploy it for building enterprise applications.

A set of technologies for mobile devices, which lets to develop and deliver applications using Java ME providing a flexible and robust platform for applications developing on mobile devices and other embedded devices such as mobile phones, TV set top boxes, E-readers, Blue-ray readers and printers.

This enables efficient development of enterprise applications while controlling investments on existing business resources as Database Systems, Messaging Systems, Naming and Directory services.

Enterprise developers may build sophisticated clients using Java Servelet, Java Server Pages, XML and Java applets.

Java ME technology is based on three elements :

  • Basic set of libraries and virtual machine capabilities
  • Profile which are a standard set of API's
  • Set of technology specific API's

The code written in Java Programming Language is deployed as Java Byte Code. Java borrows syntax heavily from C and C++ whereas object oriented features are modelled from Objective C. It also eliminates low level constructs as Pointers and memory allocation mechanism is implemented as a heap by using automatic garbage collection.

Becoming the mainstay of enterprise IT development, Java allows companies to move their businesses to internet environments that allows customers highly interactive access to one's business.

Business Process Management (BPM) and Content Management Systems employ Java Platform for their third party software groups.

Enterprise use of Java has produced large development frameworks like the Spring Framework, Apache Wicket, Dojo toolkit and Hibernate and open source tools such as Apache Tomcat, Glass Fish Application Server, the Mule and Apache Service mix enterprise Buses.

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