TNM Cancer Staging

Cancer is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and for fighting the cancer menace, staging of cancer is a crucial approach to understand the extent, location and spread of tumor in the body. Staging helps doctors to develop an objective prognosis and design a correct treatment plan for each individual patient. Decision on use of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or combination therapy, is based on the staging of the cancer.

TNM Cancer Staging app is available for download on iOS and Android platform, free of cost. Doctors across the world can make use of this application to assign an appropriate TNM Stage to the disease of their patients. It comes with a unique Interactive Search feature which acts as a stepwise guide for users by providing them with options of possible symptoms that finally lead to deriving the TNM Stage as per established standards. This initiative would be a valuable step in facilitating improvement of quality and uniformity of care for cancer worldwide and is a step towards empowering professionals about objective decision making thus improving the cancer management, which in turn will positively impact the cancer management outcome.

Salient Features:

» Prospective search with easy alphabetical search and system search across various body sites.
» Interactive search with user responded symptoms and final stage derivation.
» Universal search to help user easily find one among various body sites.
» Easy bookmark feature to bookmark most frequently accessed or referred sites.
» Refresh result functionality to move one step back and go with other option.
» Inbuilt stepwise guide on how to use the application and its search features.

Citizen Eye

Citizen Eye is an advanced complaint management and redressal system developed for solving all citizen specific problems under one roof and maintaining transparency in law and discipline. Citizen Eye provides citizens a platform to lodge their complaints by attaching real-world visual and audible clue to the administration. Citizen Eye uses advanced web and mobile technology to make it possible and provide a revolutionary medium to the citizens that facilitates easy complaint submission and moreover a feature to track and monitor lodged complaints. Citizen Eye works via website, mobile application and Facebook application. There are two separate applications, one for citizens and other for admin officers. Citizen Eye is currently running under Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Salient Features:

Easily accessible via web and mobile platform with a dedicated website, mobile application and facebook application.
» Secure cloud based complaint management system with real-time synchronization across database and interfaces.
» Feature to attach image and audio recording as a real world evidence for the problem.
» Categorized complaint management, department management and user management.
» Track-ability with system generated complaint number that is provided to the user on successful complaint submission.
» Robust and advanced admin panel for admin users to manage the complete complaint management system.
» GPS enabled complaint submission along with location coordinates of the problem to navigate and find easily on map.
» Lodging complaints on the facebook page via dedicated facebook application that also sends data on the central database over secure cloud servers.
» Notification text message alerts on complaint submission and resolution.
» This app also gives user a feature to call the following emergency services right from the app:

» Police - 100
» Women Power Line - 1090
» Fire Station - 101
» Samajwadi Ambulance Service - 108

Mera Saarthi

Mera Saarthi Application is a vigilant partner in the drive to keep school going children safe from any harm by drivers. The application carries an inbuilt database that has driver information from a variety of sources. Each driver is allotted a unique UID that facilitates the user to provide feedback, information and make complaints against the driver.Parents can search for information about the driver from the application by simply entering the driver UID or vehicle registration number along with district and school name.New drivers can also be added in the database by school authorities or contractors. Parents can also view all the complaints submitted by them. Mera Saarthi is currently running under Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Salient Features:

» Accessible from web and mobile platform that includes a dedicated website, mobile application and SMS.
» UID based driver registration that holds complete driver information.
» Complete database record of drivers, vehicles and schools.
» Four user types for distinct user views - Parent, School, Contractor and Individual.
» Easy driver profile search through UID number, school name and vehicle registration number.
» Everything is connected in real-time with advanced web and mobile based information management system.
» Confidentiality of user information for privacy concerns.

Radio Saifai

Radio Saifai is the classic internet radio built for smartphones. The application boasts a wonderful splash screen that engages anyone who installs it. There being just one station to tune in to, the application is very simple and elegant. Two buttons on the top corners, give you access to the website of Radio Saifai and provide you the option of turning the application off. Return button on the phone minimizes the application which runs in the background allowing the user to use other applications on the phone. The station plays songs from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM providing quality entertainment.

My Trip

My Trip is a mobile application that is of great utility when you want to keep a record of all the trips you take. My Trip simply keeps a record of your trips with all the trip related details and expenses. One can record a trip by adding details like dates, place visited, purpose, fellow travelers, stay and remarks (if necessary). You can add expense details by filling in the type of expense, amount and relevant comments. Your recorded trips will appear in 'view trips' section where all your trips can be viewed by selecting year and specific month. One can also view the complete report of recorded trips and sort them by places and date.

City Guide

City guide application is designed for tourists and citizens alike. This application is a simple guide to locate all types of spots in a city like hotels, banks, airports, etc. on smartphones. The application detects user's location upon downloading and navigates the user to his selected place. Each spot featured in the application has an image for the user to see. This application comes handy when one needs to reach easily at the right place in right time.

Track Expense

Track Expenses is a handy application that allows you to take a hold of your expenses and track your spending habits so as to minimize our expenses. Expenses can often amount to an absurd figure if not checked. This app allows you to add up individual expenses categorizing them and also accesses the location of the expense generated using the mobile network. Each entry of expense can be backed by a snapshot of a receipt that you take with the smartphone camera. For this very reason, the app has a feature of generating monthly reports which you can review to determine what you are spending on more than others. Reports of each month are available in order, allowing you to have a glance at your entire year's expenditure. With this application, you are sure to start saving cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

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