Quality Assurance

We develop the best quality products

As a provider of complex software solution for major companies, the one of the main things that is to be constantly go hand-in-hand with all services is the assurance of high quality products. Quality assurance not only involves the specification of a product or a service but also the way it compares to its competitors in market. There might be also conformance quality which implies the degree to which the quality specification confirms to the standard quality specification. The quality can also be determined by the degree of reliability, sustainability and maintainability of the website.

We have quality assurance practices that spans across covering all the domains of design, development and promotion strategies in the following fields:

» The development phases, from requirement analysis to testing.
» The design phases, by adhering to the directions of customers.
» The online promotion and marketing strategies.

The quality assurance team in our company works in direct communication with the customers by strictly following the directions provided by them. The usability defects that arise are removed by direct conversation by the clients. It also involves closer involvement of users, recognition of defects and resolving those defects to build a user-friendly website.

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