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Incredible web development services for individuals, small to large businesses and organizations.

Eighteen Pixels is a web design and development company in Lucknow. We design and develop advanced website applications and provides web services and web solutions. We have several years of experienced website developers in developing website applications that have helped us to maintain reputable position in the industry. Eighteen Pixels provides you the following features:

  • Efficient and highly functional applications- We design and develop applications that are highly functional and meet all your business needs and requirements and provide you with all the functionalities that is needed by you.
  • Easy architecture- Its easy architecture will let you proceed your work with full ease and comfort, without any chaos created.
  • Application maintenance- The applications are highly maintained that decreases the overall cost of ownership.
  • Exploitation, support and maintenance – We provide you with full support and maintenance facilities for the applications

Project’s Initiation

When the project is provided by you its objectives and requirements are analyzed by our team members to note down the basic requirements and the output design that will be reflected.

Blue print

A blue print is prepared after analyzing all the requirements and the stages are prepared according to the development cycle, as well as according to the various phases of the development an overall prototype is prepared.


Best coding techniques and technologies are involved to ensure the continuity of the project. We have experts from all the fields to make your project work in the most efficient manner.


Once the application is developed it is delivered to the testing department to get monitored if any flaws or functionality is not working properly or in the right manner, and make it flawless before launching the application.


This is final stage for any development cycle we offer full service and maintenance support to our clients.

Finest Technology

We will assist you to choose the best technology for your project, our team has experts that researches in the field of technologies so that our clients get the most benefits of the tools and frameworks of the technology.

User familiarity

Proper tests are performed to enhance the user understanding of the project.


We ensure all the development and testing of the project satisfy the Quality standards, with the techniques, tools and technologies used of the highest quality.

Online presence

Once the application developed it is very important to develop an online presence of the application on various social networks, this can be done by Eighteen Pixels.

Successful project

After all these stages you will be delivered a fully functional and flawless application.

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