Our Process

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Innovation & Startegy
Firstly we acquire all sthe requirements for the IT solution from our clients, their ideas and thoughts of the resulting solution we also discuss on each particular specification with you.

Planning & Design
The overall structure, content and features of the website is planned and based on that a prototype is prepared so as to visualize the look and feel of the resulting website.

Programming & Development
Coding and integration of the website is done at this stage, where the actual IT solution is developed from the prototype into a functional site. This is the stage where the site is actually created.

Testing & Launch
The web site is tested so as to check all the final details, functionality of all the scripts, spell checks, bugs and compatibility on different operating systems after fully testing the site it is launched.

Maintenance & Ongoing Support
We update your website regularly so as to post fresh content on it as well as all the technical problems will be handled by our team, maintenance like regular site backup, upgrades and other maintenance issue will be handled by us.

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