Windows Azure

A flexible and open platform for building cloud applications

Windows Azure is a flexible and open platform for building cloud applications. It helps you to develop, deploy and manage applications across global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. It uses both Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service and supports many different programming languages and frameworks. Using windows azure for Hybrid-cloud deployments reduces overhead costs associated with server hardware and maintenance, network hardware and data storage.

Earlier you had to manage various equipment needed for your organization increasing IT costs, as all were needed to be managed by the IT personals. Using Office 365 and Azure helps reduce these costs significantly. Our trained and expert professionals on Azure helps you build, develop and deploy hybrid deployment options that suits best for your organization.

Following are the features of Windows Azure platform :

  • Websites allow users to build websites using ASP.NET, PHP or Python using FTP and team foundation servers.
  • The use of virtual machines as Windows Server and Linux Virtual Machine let developers migrate applications and infrastructure without changing existing code.
  • The use of cloud services by Windows by using Microsoft's Platform-as-a-Service environment is used to create scalable applications.
  • Using Microsoft SQL Server technology, SQL Database creates and extend applications in cloud.
  • The Azure platform also provides an API built on HTTP and XML allowing developer to interact with services provided by Microsoft Azure.

The services offered by Azure are:

  • High density of websites hosting
  • Creation of Virtual Machines to run Microsoft Datacenters
  • Cloud Services either internet facing web applications or private processing engines for other work.
  • The code for cloud services can be written in any language with specific Software Development Kits (SDK).
  • Data management through SQL Database, Tables and BLOB storage
  • Business Analytics through SQL reporting, Data Marketplace and Hadoop.
  • Identity in the form of Active Directory, rights management and Access control Services.
  • Messaging through Microsoft Azure Service Bus and Queues.
  • Media Services

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